These sessions fill my heart with such joy and love. I look forward to Fall every year because I get to see the amazing families that invite me in to their worlds to capture the love, laughter, silliness, and bond they share. I am so thankful for the gift of getting to watch these families of all sizes grow and change. So here is to all of those awesome families….. Thank you for sharing your hearts and your beautiful families with me!!


The About Love grooms are always such troopers when we ask them to take the bouquet for a few shots… in fact some enjoy our little ‘grooms with blooms’ moments even more than we do!

Flowers are easily one of our favorite details of each of our weddings, and when the groom takes them they somehow take on a whole new life!

So here is to beautiful flowers and to our handsome grooms take two, thanks for being such good sports!

We are flashing back this Friday to a lovely Arizona spring day at the Montelucia. Monika and John’s wedding was pretty in pink and filled with lots of personality and beautifully cute details. The Bride and Groom along with their fabulous bridal party were some of the best looking people we have had the pleasure of photographing. We had great time capturing the day and got to work with the fabulous ladies from Imoni Events. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Calamita for giving us the honor of capturing your gorgeous wedding!

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