We were given the chance to venture off to Denver, Colorado for Nathan and Nicole’s gorgeous wedding! These two are not only beautiful, funny, totally in love, sweet, but, they are also both super smart and  in their 3rd year of residency. We had the best time on this perfect weather wedding day at The Sanctuary Golf Course ! The views and the company were spectacular. We loved every minute of capturing this unforgettable and incredible day! Congratulations and thank you so much Nathan and Nicole!

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This is one we hold very close to our hearts!! We have had the pleasure of knowing Kris (Kristina) and Ty (Tyler) for several years. We got to witness a piece of their adventure in love. Tyler contacted us when he was ready to pop the question and we were lucky enough to get to literally hide in the bushes to witness and capture this unforgettable life moment! What a gift!! Congratulations to our sweet and absolutely fabulous friends!

The Engagement!

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The Engagement Session….Krisler2pic_template Krisler1pic_template Krisler3pic_template Krisler4pic_template Krisler5pic_template Krisler6pic_template Krisler7pic_template Krisler8pic_template


Check out these beauties! We must admit that we fall head over heels for our beautiful brides. We might be a little biased, but pretty sure somehow we end up with the prettiest Arizona brides out there! So heres to “Woman crush Wednesday” and the lovely About Love Brides!

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